How to make money with Google AdSense? How it works? Expert’s guide

First of all, it’s worth explaining the term Google AdSense and describing how to make money with AdSense. Quite often, Google encourages advertisers to use programs such as Google Ads or AdSense. The latter is a Google advertising service that is designed to display various types of ads, banners, and contextual text ads on websites. This means that popular websites and the ones that meet some of Google’s requirements display paid ads, which enables earning additional money.


AdSense - How to make money with Google AdSense?

Why AdSense?

One of the best ways to make money online while blogging is to display ads on your website. We can find a lot of advertising services such as AdSense, Chitika, VigLink, Infolinks, and many others. Of course, we cannot clutter our blog with too many ads. For this reason, we should choose the best and most effective service to start making money from our blogs.

What is Google AdSense?

AdSense is a Google product that allows us to display contextual advertising on the blog. This is one of the best ad-earning services for any page. People are making thousands of dollars every month just by using Google AdSense.

Why is Google AdSense better than other advertising networks?

  • Easy to set up – Once your AdSense account is approved, simply add the code to your page file and the ads will start appearing on your blog.
  • Good verification – AdSense is one of the highest-rated and recognizable advertising programs on the market. However, AdSense does not approve all types of blogs. Especially, they reject the ones that have pending fixes. If you launch AdSense on your blog, it means that your page has been approved (there can be exceptions).
  • One account for all sites – In the case of most advertising networks, it is necessary to add each site manually and then confirm them individually. Only after that, it is possible to add ads to the page. Once your AdSense account is approved, you can add ads on any site that complies with the AdSense terms of use. There is no need to create other accounts for other blogs. You can also use a custom channel to see how individual ads are performing.
  • Support forum – Unlike other programs, AdSense has many advertisers and publishers. It also has a support forum where you can find a lot of guides on how to increase your AdSense revenue.
  • Payments – The main problem you will face with small advertising companies is payment issues. Even though you meet the minimum withdrawal threshold, you may experience problems with getting the money. Moreover, if you dig deeper, you will realize how many of these small companies are scams. AdSense, on the other hand, is transparent when it comes to payments and it is unlikely that you will encounter problems with this service.

Earning on AdSense ads - how it works

Earning on AdSense ads

What does making money with AdSense ads look like in practice? If there are paid advertisements or banners on a given website, and a user clicks on one of them, the website owner will receive a certain amount for a given ad. Obviously, Google charges a fee for every ad. However, it is worth remembering that not every amount earned by the website owner can be withdrawn. To get the money, our advertising earnings must exceed a specific payment threshold – it’s 100 euros or 100 dollars.

Adding AdSense for search to the website

In addition, an interesting solution is to place a custom search engine in the on-site search for our website. This enables earning additional money from ads displayed alongside specific search results.

What are the characteristics of Google AdSense? Program specifications

  • Belongs to Google – at first, it’s important to emphasize that just like Google Ads, the AdSense program also belongs to Google.
  • Free – we don’t have to worry about any additional costs while setting up our Google AdSense. This service is completely free of charge.
  • Over 18 – you must be over 18 to use AdSense. Below this age, your account will not be approved by Google.
  • Easy to use – Google AdSense is not a complicated service. On the contrary, it is straightforward to use. All we need is to create an and it’s enough to operate.
  • Google pays you – if you decide to place the ads on your website using this program, then you can be sure that Google will pay you. Of course, the amount of earnings depends on several factors, such as the number of clicks on the ad, its type, and the popularity of the web page.
  • Advertisements come in various forms – you can place various types of ads on your page. This includes text, graphic, and multimedia banners, as well as anchor, side, and vignette ads.

Configuration of displayed ads

  • The owner can block ads – it is also worth adding that you can adjust the ads displayed on your website to your preferences. This means that the website owner can block banners that he or she doesn’t like.
  • Adjusting ads automatically – The service adjusts the content of advertisements to the interests and needs of users. This is possible by analyzing the location of Internet users and analyzing the content of the page. All ads displayed on your page are filtered out and administered by Google.

How to make money on AdSense? See who this service is for

Google AdSense is actually for everyone. But to use this service, our website must be of very good quality. The better website quality, the better the ads displayed on your website. It translates into better earnings.

Configuration of displayed ads

AdSense can be used by both well-known websites and various types of blogs. In addition, we can also customize the location of your ads, which means they can be displayed at the top, bottom, or sides of the page. What’s more, we can also skilfully incorporate banners into the content on our website. Earning money with Google AdSense is also possible once you provide Internet users with a search function on the website (on-site search).

AdSense Quality content

What do earnings on AdSense depend on? Quality content!

Earning money with Google AdSense depends on a lot of factors. However, the quality of our website plays a key role. The types of adverts and their prices are the most important. We need to know how to develop our website and what to improve, so that it generates traffic and, thereby, profits. Of course, a particular website should draw new users’ attention. It should correspond to an appropriate number of clicks on banners.

How to start making money from adverts? Learn how to make cash with AdSense

Earning money with Google AdSense will be possible if our website meets the following criteria:

  • Overall appearance of the website – a website should be of good quality. It depends on many factors, such as its overall appearance as well as the valuable content published on it.
  • Quality content – the content published on our website should be interesting, unique, and easily accessible. Therefore, it is worth implementing some changes, due to which more users will visit our website. A noteworthy solution is to use pictures and films of high quality – both in terms of workmanship and content as well as publishing quality content in the form of various types of articles and guides.
  • Popularity – to make money with Google AdSense, our website has to be popular among users. Because of this, it is worth promoting the website in many ways so that it is visited more often.
  • Focusing on keywords – our website will rank higher in the search engine if we target appropriate keywords as well as take care of proper positioning. This way, the website will gain more visibility and, as a result, traffic will increase. When choosing appropriate phrases, we have to make sure that they not only refer to our offer but also appear in the form that is most often used by Internet users. At the same time, proper SEO optimization is also crucial.

AdSense rules and regulations

AdSense rules and regulations

When choosing the Google AdSense service, we have to remember that it is necessary to comply with all its rules. Although setting up an AdSense account is very easy, we have to follow all the binding rules. Otherwise, we may lose access to it.

AdSense earnings

AdSense earnings

The amount of earnings with Google AdSense depends on many important factors. This is influenced by, among other things, the type of adverts displayed on the website as well as the advertisers’ budget. It is worth knowing that every advert participating in the AdSense program is pay-per-view or pay-per-click. Moreover, the bids for each click depend on several issues, such as the quality of the website publishing a certain advert as well as the competitiveness of keywords.

AdSense, how to start earning?

The bids for ad views may be very diverse. To find out how much we can earn with AdSense, we just have to register for the program and start displaying adverts on our website. What is interesting, while participating in the program, we can check our earnings on an ongoing basis. We can do this by logging into our account and checking available reports. We can find there all the information concerning the total number of views and clicks, click-through rate, and actual earnings.

Do seasonal factors influence earnings?

It is also worth mentioning that the amount of earnings is also influenced by many other factors, such as currency exchange rates and seasonality. If we publish information related to holiday trips, it is obvious that traffic may be higher in spring and summer. In turn, in winter our website may have slightly fewer views and, therefore, it will generate lower earnings. That is why we should not be discouraged when we do not obtain the expected results.

How to estimate earnings from AdSense?

A good way to check potential earnings is to use a special calculator offered by the Google AdSense service. We can choose the category of our website as well as the region where its users are located. It will allow us to estimate possible revenues.

How much can we earn with AdSense?

At the very beginning of your adventure with the Google AdSense program, you will definitely not achieve the earnings indicated by the Google earnings calculator. AdSense earnings depend mostly on traffic on the website, valuable content, and optimal ad placement.

Page views per monthMinimum monthly earningsMaximum monthly earningsAverage monthly earnings
50.000-120.000$4 558$10 237$7 397,5
120.000-220.000$10 865$24 341$17 603
220.000-300.000$26 125$29 635$27 880
300.000-457.000$28 430$33 458$30 944

Screenshot of earnings results from the AdSense panel

Estimated earnings AdSense

How do we increase AdSense ad revenue?

To increase your advertising revenue, it is worth following five tips given below. If you do so, it will definitely increase your earnings with AdSense.

  • User-friendly website – Quality content will make the users more interested in the page and they’ll be more keen on looking for answers to their questions. The user who received such an answer will come back to us in the future. Thanks to this, our domain gains in the eyes of the users.
  • Remember about mobile – Nowadays, every website has to be adapted for desktop and mobile versions as well as for intermediate devices, such as tablets.
  • A/B testing – The AdSense program allows you to conduct many experiments on the website. For some users (e.g. 40%) your domain may have a different configuration than the remaining part of the website. Such tests will show you whether a new configuration is optimal and brings more revenue.
  • Improving the results of the AdSense account – Go to the Optimization tab in the AdSense dashboard. This section contains all the information that may help your account performance. Moreover, in this section, you will also find some tips concerning new opportunities that appear in your account.
  • Integration of an AdSense account with Google Analytics – Google Analytics is a tool that allows you, among other things, to verify key phrases for which your website is searched. Thanks to this, you will get to know your users and you will be able to create personalized content for them.

AdSense optimization

AdSense optimization

As I mentioned earlier, both registering and using the Google AdSense service is very easy. However, before you join the program, you have to remember a few significant rules. By following some rules, it will be possible to keep optimal conditions for generating profits.

Why is optimization important?

Using the offer of the ad layout optimization is an extremely good investment which, in most cases, pays off within a few months. Very often low earnings come from the lack of both knowledge and experience of the website owner. Most often, people are not even aware of the fact of how much income they could earn if the website was optimized properly.

How does the ad optimization process work?

  1. An expert carries out some research on users visiting a given website.
  2. He tries to determine users’ expectations as well as eliminate all the problems encountered.
  3. Getting to know the user experience, i.e. the experience of people visiting a given website, allows the expert to diagnose the UX and, consequently, the ease of navigating the website as well as to introduce possible changes.
  4. Based on the gained information, earnings optimization is merely a matter of time.

Experience in the industry means that improving CTR is not a problem for experts. Moreover, increasing CTR up to 7-14% is possible. Everyone who wants to know how quickly and effectively increase their earnings generated by their domain is welcome to familiarize themselves with my offer.

How do you improve the AdSense performance on your own?

If you use both automated ads and manually added ads, here is a tip concerning performance:

  1. Insert the AdSense JS script (adsbygoogle.js) ONLY ONCE per page. You can place this code in the <head></head> section.
  2. Then go to the other manually added entries on the page and delete this code.
  3. That’s it. Your website should load faster now.

An example of a code that should be placed in <head>:

<script async src=”……” crossorigin=”anonymous”></script>

Configuration of ads layout

I have been working in the AdSense system for years. Moreover, I am a Product Expert in the Google AdSense Community. Thanks to my experience, I can handle a Google AdSense account at every stage of its operation – starting from its creation through its configuration to the website optimization in such a way as to maximize revenues from the adverts.
If you need any support in solving a particular problem or if you feel that you can “squeeze” even more from your account – contact me. During the consultation, we will certainly find something that can be improved on your website to increase your earnings from AdSense. What is more, I can also help you optimize the ad layout on your website. I also handle all the problems connected with policy violations (Policy Center).

AdSense for beginners

AdSense for beginners

  • Choose a topic that interests you. It will increase your chance of delivering content of high quality. The content may not only be in text form but also the form of pictures.
  • While creating content for your website, it is good to use a special keyword planner. The mentioned planner is provided, among others, by Google. Thanks to this, we will be able to choose such phrases thanks to which our website will be positioned high in the Google search engine. It will increase the number of visitors as well as the chance that the information or services your website provides will interest a larger group of recipients.
  • Post regularly. Thanks to consistency in running the website, you will maintain the continuity necessary to acquire new users.
  • Do not click on adverts displayed on your website. Moreover, remember not to encourage or motivate users to do so. If there are some unnatural clicks on an advert or a banner, you may be excluded from the Google AdSense program.
  • Do not insert too many adverts on your website. It will allow you to maintain good UX (user experience). Furthermore, this way a single advert will gain in value.
  • Make decisions based on testing. It is crucial to keep the settings that generate the highest revenues.

Reports in AdSense

At this point, I would like to mention that Google AdSense is under constant development. The AdSense team implements a new report interface that aims at presenting data better. The changes are introduced gradually to make it as easy as possible for you to adapt. You do not have to change anything in the AdSense dashboard since new versions will appear automatically.

Instructions for creating an AdSense account. How to activate an AdSense account

Instructions for creating an AdSense account. How to activate an AdSense account?

Before you start creating your AdSense account, you need to have a Google account (i.e. Gmail). If you do not have a Google account, you can simply create one while creating your AdSense account. Moreover, you need a website or blog that is compatible with the AdSense program.

How to create an AdSense account?

  1. Go to the AdSense program website.
  2. Click ‘Get started’.
  3. Log in to your Google account by entering your Gmail login and password.
  4. Add a website on which you want to display adverts. You can skip this step and come back to it later. In the next article, I will describe how to add a page to your AdSense account properly.
  5. Give your consent (or refuse) to receive help and suggestions from Google.
  6. Select the country where you live, so you can receive a letter by traditional mail
  7. Read the AdSense Terms and Conditions carefully and accept it.
  8. Click ‘Start using AdSense’.

Instructions for adding a website to your AdSense account

You can add your website to your AdSense account by entering the URL address. Remember that the URL address cannot contain a path, port, and parameters, eg.

Adding a website to your AdSense account

  1. Log in to your AdSense account.
  2. Click ‘+New site’ in your AdSense dashboard.
  3. Enter the valid URL address of your website.
  4. Click ‘Save’.

Connecting your website with your AdSense account

  1. Log in to your AdSense account.
  2. In your AdSense dashboard click ‘Connect your site to AdSense’ and then click ‘Try out’.
  3. Copy the generated AdSense code.
  4. Paste the code into the HTML of your website between the <head> and </head> tags.
  5. Click ‘Request review’.

Problems while connecting your website

The most common errors that Google encounters while connecting to a website are:

  • Unreachable website – check if your website is working properly. Remove the password to your website if you have secured it so Google can verify it.
  • Verify if you are not blocking the AdSense ads crawler in the robots.txt. file.
  • No AdSense code in the HTML code in the <head> and </head> tags on your page.

Website verification by AdSense

Before you start working with AdSense and earning money from ads on your website, it is necessary to add it to the Google AdSense list at the very beginning. It is also crucial to make sure that your website is fully ready for displaying ads. It means following the guidelines provided by Google during, among other things, the verification process.

How long does the website verification take?

It is important to consider other rules that the website has to follow to be compliant with the AdSense Terms and Conditions. The waiting time for verification is usually several days. In rare cases, this time may be extended to 2-4 weeks.

How to check the verification status of your AdSense website?

You can check the approval status of your AdSense website yourself. After logging in to your AdSense account, you need to find your website in the list in the ‘Websites’ tab. Then, view more information about its status.

AdSense verification statuses

You can find the following messages in detail:

  • Requires review – it means that your website has not been checked yet. To start the verification process, click ‘Request review’.
  • Needs attention – it is necessary to solve some problems with the website.
  • Getting ready – your website is being checked right now.
  • Ready – your website is ready to display adverts. The next step will be to configure ads on the website

The most common problems during the website and account verification

The most common problems during the website and account verification

It often happens that Google AdSense is not willing to approve our website. There may be plenty of problems and their severity may vary – from an invalidly configured privacy policy to an inappropriate placement of advertising banners. Therefore, you can use my service to solve problems connected with the AdSense account.

Why Google may not verify your website and account?

  • Two accounts – according to the Google AdSense policies, you can have only one account. The activation process of your account will be continued only when you close the second account and then confirm in AdSense that it has been closed.
  • Problems with the website content – before you sign up for an AdSense account, you need to make sure that your website is fully compatible with the program’s policy.
  • Insufficient content – your website contains too little valuable content. This means that your website may not attract enough users.
  • Content quality issues – your website does not contain high-quality content. Therefore, the website may not gain new users.
  • Content policy violations – in practice, it means that your website violates the AdSense policy.
  • Problems with page navigation – there are some navigation problems on your site which means that the website is not neat enough, which in turn makes it difficult to navigate freely.
  • Problems with traffic sources – if your website generates little traffic from search engines, there is a chance to block the possibility of displaying adverts.
  • Unsupported language – it means that your website contains content in a language that is not currently supported by Google AdSense.

Typical problems with content generated by the users of your website

You can also face numerous problems connected with the users’ content. These issues may include:

  • Comments – Internet users often comment on the content of the website offensively and they also share links to websites of questionable quality. If you deal with such situations, you have to know that it is contrary to the Google AdSense policy.
  • Forums – if you own a forum website, you need to remember the risk of appearing automated bots. These bots spam too much and may provoke Internet users to engage in offensive behavior.
  • File sharing – although sharing photos and music is a very good way to develop a community of users with similar interests, it may generate some issues with violation of copyright or the distribution of unwanted software.
  • Dating services – the Google AdSense policy prohibits publishing inappropriate content on your website, such as nude photos. Such content is not suitable for the entire family.

AdSense registration - checklist

AdSense registration – checklist

High-quality content on the website

The basis of a good and professional website is its content. Make sure that it is valuable, professional, and polished. Google is extremely fond of blogs. And people like reading them. Meet them halfway and provide them with high-quality content. What do we mean by this?

  • No spelling and punctuation mistakes
  • Unique text – not copied from other websites!
  • Appropriate page break, headers
  • Factual and useful text
  • Necessary tabs, e.g. Contact, About us, Privacy policy
  • High-quality photos

Do not lie about your age

Of course, you have to be 18 or older. This is the basis of cooperation with Google AdSense. If you are not an adult and give an incorrect date of birth, please refrain from such activities. They may bring you nothing but trouble. They will not help you withdraw money you earned with AdSense. And your account will be blocked.

Enrich the website with the appropriate number of entries

There is no rule regarding the optimal number of entries on your website. You may be rejected even if you have over 100 entries. Your website mustn’t be empty. Do not force stuffy posts. Valuable and comprehensive entries in a smaller quantity are way better than many posts of questionable quality. What is more, remember about the keywords.

Remove other ad networks

If you use such ad networks, it is high time you got rid of them. Of course, Google AdSense allows you to use adverts from other networks. However, do it only after your application has been positively considered. Be patient and wait a few days or weeks for a response.

Check the traffic source on your website

Remember that Google does not like or tolerate paid traffic on websites. Furthermore, in the eyes of the Google law, they are punishable. Such AdSense applications are rejected immediately. You have many other options to generate traffic on your website. Paid traffic is not a way to go.

Improve the appearance of your website

In this case, appearance matters a lot. This is what catches our eye first after entering the website. Make sure, it is transparent and user-friendly. Choose professionalism if you want to be perceived as such. The appropriate appearance of the website reflects your experience and commitment to what you do. What features should a professional website have?

  • Easy to use and move.
  • Fast website loading.
  • Appropriate tabs in the main menu.
  • Optimized for search engines.

Summary – now you know how to make cash with AdSense!

Joining the Google AdSense program is certainly a noteworthy form of making money. Although at the very beginning, you have no idea about your potential earnings, you can estimate them initially using a special income calculator. If you use this function, it may convince you to create an account in the service.

List of websites ready for AdSense

If you decide to cooperate with the program, it is worth familiarizing yourself with the list of websites that thrive in it. Here we can specify:

  • Websites with regular visitors.
  • Internet forums.
  • Internet blogs.
  • Websites publishing news and various types of information.
  • Social networks.
  • Tools that facilitate and automate work, e.g. tax calculators.

What do your AdSense earnings depend on?

It is also worth summarizing all the information regarding factors that your earnings in Google AdSense depend on. These factors include:

  • Implementing selected keywords.
  • Appropriate content on your website which increases the chance of viewing and clicking on ads.
  • Placement and size of adverts.
  • Intentions of users who visit your website.
  • Users’ location and demographic data.

The most important information you need to remember when starting an adventure with AdSense

Of course, earnings from Google AdSense may be high and satisfying. However, we need to remember that it is not always easy to achieve. Your website has to generate a lot of traffic and it should amount to tens of thousands of visits. Therefore, it is good to choose a country where revenues from clicks on ads are relatively high.

The impact of social media on AdSense earnings

While cooperating with the AdSense service it is also worth using popular social media. It will help you increase the number of visitors to your website. Even a single share may allow you to gain a few thousand new users.

Have you encountered a problem while configuring the AdSense dashboard?

If you are not confident in your ability to configure settings properly or if you have encountered a problem and you are not sure how to solve it, please contact me. I will conduct a free consultation and we will discuss an action plan together.

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