Case Studies

AdSense optimization – legal blog

It was possible to increase profits by 200% on a legal blog. The optimization was divided into four steps (on the screen you can see significant increases after each step). Once each phase was completed, I conducted a full analysis and verification of changes that were possible to introduce. Thanks to the cooperation at that time, it was possible to take the right steps thanks to which the profits increased by 200% within one month.

AdSense optimization – travel blog [Blogger]

On a travel blog, I conducted an accelerated analysis, which resulted in a revenue increase of 60% in just one week. The adjustment of personalized ads to the style of a blog as well as the appropriate ad layout can change a lot.

AdSense optimization – tech blog

An interesting thing about this blog – who wouldn’t want to learn about tech novelties from the IT maniac? But we’re not talking about that. Thanks to an accurate analysis of the blog, it was possible to increase profits by 312%. The customer has been trying to optimize the blog for 5 months with different results (on the screen you can see ups and downs from January to May). After the cooperation started, together we managed to achieve very optimistic results within a month.

AdSense optimization – cooking blog

It was possible to increase profits by 323% on a cooking blog. Before the cooperation started, the blog was not bearing the expected revenue. However, after the introduction of several changes, the increase in profits was higher than what the customer initially expected.

AdSense optimization – city information website

In less than a month, it was possible to increase page RPM by 86% on the city website.

AdSense optimization – fashion news blog

It was possible to increase profits by 178% on a fashion blog. Thanks to adding a unique ad layout and introducing several improvements, we accomplished the customer’s target revenue in a month. Together with revenue increase, it was possible to increase the most important parameters: RPM and CTR.

AdSense optimization – photo blog

In this case, the client paid a lot of attention to increasing the ad’s click rate on the blog. After the optimization was done, it was possible to achieve an increase in the most important parameters: RPM, CTR, and number of clicks. Thanks to the introduction of several changes this month, the CTR indicator increased by 122%.

AdSense optimization – lifestyle blog

I managed to increase the earnings threefold on the lifestyle blog thanks to the complete audit of the entire blog. The audit along with a full optimization (and observation of indicators behavior) lasted 2 weeks.

AdSense optimization – fashion blog

Once I completed the audit on the fashion blog, I managed to increase the profits by 168%. We can also see increases in all the most important parameters: page RPM increased by 55%, whereas CTR and CPC both increased by 45%.