AdSense alternatives – Check out 8 most interesting propositions

AdSense is known and liked by everyone. Although it is over 20 years old, many users think this system is the best as far as introducing ads to your website is concerned. It guarantees us a very high level of earnings, it is highly compatible and is constantly being improved. Moreover, the service is being developed at such a pace that you have access to countless tools that allow us to collect statistics and analyze them later as well as introduce changes based on the data. But there are cases where AdSense publishers are looking for adsense alternatives.

AdSense alternatives worth considering:

However, sometimes your own AdSense account is suspended for some time. That is why it is worth looking at some of the most interesting alternatives that will allow you to earn as effectively as possible while working with AdSense but without worrying about such significant limitations as the Google service imposes. stands out from the competition mostly because of its access to alternative search engines, namely Yahoo and Bing. The advertising units guaranteed by are very similar to those from AdSense.

An additional benefit will be the opportunity to earn 10% more during the first three months of using the service. However, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with the requirements since this service has some strict rules and regulations.


The services given by PropellerAds focus mainly on providing extremely well-designed adverts of a pop-under type. These are advertising windows that become visible only after closing, moving, minimizing, or scrolling the home page.

PropellerAds works very well with topics such as films and videos, gameplay and games, software, finances, and dating. As a matter of the popularity of these niches, this program is considered to be one of the best alternatives to AdSense.


Over 2 million users work with the services that are provided by another interesting alternative to AdSense, i.e. Infolinks. They are characterized by very unique advertising units as well as an opportunity to monetize any traffic from any source.

It is worth noting that many giants cooperate with Infolinks and the platform ensures that publishers using their services offer the highest quality content. Their partners include, among others, Amazon, Facebook, and Pizza Hut.


The advertising units offered by Adsterra are also of very high quality and they also offer access to almost every format of the advertising units. In addition, they have quite good CPM.

This system enables you to monetize content and your services in almost any form and in any place. Therefore, you do not have to restrict yourself to monetizing traffic on your website. Guarantees us access to very advanced tools that will allow us to create, analyze, and then manage traffic segments thanks to which you will better understand the sources of traffic on the website.

Interestingly, you can use Google AdSense and Adsterra at the same time, so it will serve you as an additional source of profits, not just as an alternative.


Another specialist in pop-under advertising, namely They allow you to monetize traffic from every country which does not limit your earnings in any way. Additionally, their bids are above average. What makes them stand out from the competition? First of all, the payment method. If you can earn over 5 dollars per day, you can expect to receive money transfers every day!

Of course, you have to remember that, as one of the best alternatives to AdSense, PopAds provides you with other types of adverts, including classic pop-ups. In addition, the website regulations are not as strict as those of the competition, that is why you should not have any problems with approval by this service.


Ezoic is a platform that allows all publishers to add display adverts to their websites. This service uses proprietary artificial intelligence which adjusts the ad experience to every visitor. It means that the ads adjust to every visitor in terms of their location, amount, and size.

Since Ezoic is a Certified Google Publishing Partner, all the publishers have the opportunity to access Google AdX portfolio. However, you have to remember that it’s not possible to enter this service through Google AdSense. But because of that, publishers get better-paid adverts displayed on their websites.


Skimlinks is a service that allows you to focus on managing your website without worrying about the configuration of partner links.

Thanks to an automatic update of your commerce content with the use of partner links, this tool enables the development of all your commerce strategies for mobile devices, websites, social media, and emails.

When you join Skimlinks, it will provide you with direct access to a global network of 48,500 merchants. At the same time, you’ll be able to reach out to 50 demand partners. Interestingly, you can locate merchants who offer special commissions to publishers that use Skimlinks thanks to the VIP and Preferred Partner Program.


You may know this service by its other name, The Blogger Network. This is a partner offering a wide range of advertising services to increase revenues from your website and at the same time preserve the best UX from the upcoming traffic.

Monumetric uses CPM instead of CPC, therefore, you earn money for each view and the bids themselves are one of the best in the CPM campaigns. It is often reported that revenues are much higher than in AdSense which makes Monumetric a perfect choice when you want to increase your passive income.

Bear in mind that in this case, you have to have 10k monthly views as a minimum to be able to use this platform. Besides that, you have to be ready for a 99% setup fee for all the pages that have between 10k to 80k views. Because of that, you have to be confident that your page will be able to generate enough traffic so that the investment is profitable.

Which AdSense alternative you should pick?

By now you are perfectly aware that to choose an appropriate AdSense alternative, you need to consider many factors. Still, one of the best ways to increase your earnings from adverts is to use Mediavine.

It is a private service that accepts only websites of high quality. What’s more, they need to have at least 30k views or 25k sessions every month.

This service manages your adverts and helps you optimize ad placement. Additionally, it guarantees better price control as it removes mediators and enables direct cooperation with advertisers.

It is also worth mentioning that Mediavine negotiates better deals, which is mainly due to the fact they don’t accept everyone. In comparison to AdSense, most websites see an increase in earnings when they decide to work with Mediavine.

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